Leicester swingers

Are you and your partner’s swingers? Do you live in Leicester? Are you on Google right now searching for Leicester swingers and found this site?

How do people become swingers?

Swinging in LeicesterWe thought it would be better to let our members answer this rather than us so here is a letter which one of our members wrote into us this week that explains how they got into swinging.

“Me and my partner started swinging about five years ago now. We have lived in Leicester our entire lives and have always had quite a good sex life. One day our next door neighbors changed, and we got this new couple that moved in. The husband of the two was very flirty with me, and I began to think of him in a sexual way. I figured he was really trying it on with me and especially when my husband was not around he was very forward about how nice I looked and how well I always dressed etc. One time we went to their house as they were having a party and he pinched my arse as I was walking out of the room. I could not believe how forward he was. A couple of days later my husband turned to me and said, the wife next door had pinched his arse and was incredibly flirty with him. I told him the same thing had happened. We got talking, and both decided that we found them quite attractive.

Couples of months later. The husband told me that they were swingers and having a swinging party that night and they think it would be perfect for us to come. I discussed it with my husband. We were both a little taken back by the offer but decided that it might be fun. When we turned up, they were both wearing sexy clothes but what surprised us was that there was no one else in the room. They had invited us over, just to have sex with us. We thought at this point that we might as well go for it. We had an incredible couple of hours of sex where we all shagged in the same room in Leicester.

This started to happen more and more, and before long they invited more people along to this party and we were having sex with new people all the time. It was very exciting and I would recommend it to anyone! Swinging in Leicester is the best city to do it!”

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